So I read this article called A Story of Slavery in Modern America by the late Alex Tizon.

It was about his “family’s slave”, Lola, who served them with her whole life. It was so heart breaking. (I finished reading it while I was in the office, so I can’t cry out loud but deep inside me I was sobbing already).

Lola served that family for 2 generations without earning money from it. Just like old-school slavery.

When I was reading it, I felt a little guilty about something. Maybe because I also used to hate or bully our kasmabahay (domestics) when I was just child (I WAS JUST A KID. SORRY!). Then I thought to myself: do I deserve reading this piece of art? I really felt sorry because I used to do bad things our previous kasambahays. I can relate a little.

But when I was growing up (of course, I grew older and got educated properly), I realized that what I did to them was not humane, so I started to change the way I look/treat them. First of all, they are older than me and second, they help us doing house works.

My parents, especially my mother, always tell us that we should still help our kasambahay in doing chores because they are just there to help us and they are not entitled to do everything in the house, we help each other, they are not alila (slave).

Now, I respect the people I meet regardless of their station/situation/status in life. RESCT BEGETS RESPECT.


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