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One of the lessons in the drama. ❤

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Pinocchio and the 4th Estate

[Disclaimer: These are just my opinion/thoughts/feelings towards the drama. It’s been a long time since I last blogged about a Korean drama that I watched, so I’m sorry for the lapses.]

Just recenPinocchio23tly, I’ve watched the 2014 Korean Drama “Pinocchio” (watched its 20 episodes for like less than 48 hours. Hehe). The story revolves around the broadcasting industry – News and Current Affairs in particular.

As a fresh Mass Communication graduate, it hit me. It. Hit. Me. Hard.

I was amazed by this drama.

Though being a reporter is not really my current job (because I’m still unemployed) nor one of my career goals (because I don’t have a good register on television..let’s face it!), still, I can relate to the story because I used to gather, write and report news for a short period of time. Well, it’s just for the completion of my Broadcast Journalism and other news writing related subjects.

I know gathering news is really difficult because you must have the credible sources and you must find a story that is really news-worthy. You should be physically, mentally and emotionally strong because you’ll not survive if you’re not.

What I really liked about this drama is the way they execute the revelations and lessons in the story. It was perfect. It gave me chills.

I even came to a point where I clapped in one scene because it was like…perfect. It was the part where Lee Jong Suk’s character, Ki Ha Myoung/Choi Dal Po, figuratively explained (in episode 16) the importance of why they should broadcast “must-see” news more often than the “happy” news.



I learned a lot from this drama and I even re-think of pursuing this career for a few times (but I know it is really a difficult job, so, probably it won’t happen. Haha!).

It is very informative and educating, especially for those who wants to be investigators and news correspondents. They gave tips – more like lessons – on how to be a good, reliable and unbiased news correspondent. My favorite tip that I learned was to provoke your interviewee to ansewr your crucial questions, and the most important tip: it was said by Ki Je Myoung (Yoon Kyung Sang) to Ha Myoung, “Like a reporter, I hope that you’ll ask about what the world is curious about”.


(If you’ve seen the drama and you have a background in broadcasting or reporting, I suppose you would understand why I love this scene.)

4th Estate

The Press or Media is the 4th Estate after the Church, Aristocrats and the Commoners or the Bourgeois (if I’m not mistaken).

I think media has the power to influence the mass because all the people can access to the media, they listen to it.

Reporters/Journalists inform the public on what is happening in their government/community and around the world. They are called the watchdogs of the society.


A reporter should not be swayed by money and the hunger for a higher position. He should protect his credibility.

People should not use the media as a way of protecting themselves, and media should treat all citizens fairly regardless of their status. Just like what happened in the drama where the rich Mall CEO Park Ro Sa (Kim Hae Sook) used News Anchor Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung) to divert the news to avoid having further investigations on the cases that will lead towards her. But it was revealed that News Anchor Cha Ok was just a victim of the situation and also wants to free herself from the guilt.

Pinocchio. One thing that Pinocchio and a journalist have in common: Honesty. They must always tell the truth to their viewers to keep their trust and loyalty.

Though there are still people who are doubtful of the credibility of some reporters, and that’s just sad because we all know that it is hard to earn the trust and loyalty of the people.

Investigative Journalism. This was emphasized in the drama.

I think journalists in this field are the most exhausted because they are persistent to have further investigations or research about the cases they are holding to the point where they can help prosecutors or police men solve cases.

In the drama, it was the way how Song Cha Ok got her sweet revenge and freedom from CEO Park and the justice for Ki Ha Myoung’s father’s death and to correct the false report happened at the beginning of the story.

Viewer’s Duty. As a citizen who watches the news everyday, it’s his duty to be also an observant of the news that he is watching. He has the right to be updated on a certain case, especially when he thinks that the story has not yet ended – it was left hanging.

Example in the drama was the diversion of the viewer’s attention just like what happened to Chief Fireman Ki Ho Sang’s (Jung In Gi) and Policeman Ahn Chan Soo’s (Lee Joo Seung) cases.  Reporter Song Cha Ok diverted the viewers’ attention to these people instead of giving them details about what are the causes of the fires and who was the people behind these cases.

The story shows that in the end, the truth will prevail. Just like the GMA Broadcasting Network’s News and Public Affairs’ theme song “Panata sa Bayan” by Ebe Dancel) says: “Katotohanang magpapalaya sa bayan (Truth will make the country free)”.

“Pinocchio” is may be the best Korean Drama to be watched for those who are dreaming to be in the media industry. There are a lot of lessons I failed to write here, so if you still haven’t seen the drama, you should!

Kudos to the people in this production. I’m praising all of them especially the writers and the people who brainstormed to make one of the greatest Korean dramas that I’ve seen.