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Disclaimer: This is just my thoughts on the movie and not really a kind of review that can be used academically.

So I watched the Tagalog dubbed version of the 2013 Korean disaster film, ‘Flu’, directed by Kim Sung-su and it was sick! (I know it’s been three years since the movie was released but I just watched it lately.)

The story was about the influenza H5N1 spreading in the city called Bundang in South Korea. The flu allegedly came from the illegal immigrants who died inside the shipping container van and the flu spread because of the escaped immigrant, Mossai/Mongssai, the lone survivor in the shipped container van, and through the traffickers.

Aside from Jang Hyuk (as Kang Ji-Goo) was there (and I did not know that he was part of the movie when I was about to watch it. HAHA!), another element that captivated my attention was the plot/story itself. It has too many conflicts that, I think, made the movie more interesting. First was the influenza spreading and the main carrier has made contact with the doctor’s child, Mi-reu, and the conflict between the President and his colleagues who are not in favor of his decision not to ‘kill’ the small percentage of the people of South Korea.

For me, this is a type of movie that would go down to “Favorites” list but I would not watch it anymore because the first time I saw it, I felt like saying bad words to the colleagues of the president and other characters in the film, it felt like I was also part of the movie and that the story is happening in real life.. (HAHA!)

This is definitely a Quality film and not an Entertainment film. This is a must watch for  all the disaster films lovers out there. I salute the whole production team!

I also did some research and Mossai was played by a Filipino exchange student in Korea. He is Lester Andrada. Well, that’s another kababayan.the_flu_poster