FRIENDS has the saddest ending.

I just finished watching the 10 seasons (in just 8 days) of the situational comedy Friends, and I must say, it has the saddest ending.

People would really relate in this sitcom regardless of their age. It’s classic!

It’s about 6 people (Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe) who shared their stories with one another for a decade. And that was a very long time.

friends keys

What I loved about the ending that really made me shed a tear is the symbolism of the keys to Monica’s apartment that they left on the kitchen counter. For me, it symbolizes the ending of the sitcom itself and “the end of an era”. Those keys bonded together just like their friendship. And also the panning of the camera establishing the empty room of the apartment to the closed door, it gave a nostalgia or a flashback scenes in the mind of the viewer. It’s a very good dramatic effect. It’s like it’s saying that those 4 walls of the room have witnessed the story of those 6 people.

I just love how these 6 characters with different personalities have complement one another.

Wrote this blog with tears in my eyes. It’s just so moving. I love my friends, and I miss them so much. All of them.