Why “Elle”?

I told myself that I would start blogging again before I turn 20 and I finally created one few months after my 20th birthday.


I’m not really new to blogging because I was an active blogger on Tumblr when I was a high school student (2008-2012), but upon entering college, I got busier and never got a chance to write about the things that happened to my life.

I used to blog about the Korean dramas that I have watched and make a review about it, and I used to post and reblog quotations, pictures, life stories, etc. Though I still have my Tumblr account, I just want to start “fresh” in blogging again and the site that I choose is WordPress (obviously, HAHA).


My real name isn’t really Elle, I just decided to make screen name for some reasons…maybe just for fun…I really do not know.

So, why “Elle” and “misselle1995”?

Because I’m not really brilliant enough to make a clever username or a domain name, I just got the “Elle” name from a letter of my initials (MLST).

Like I said I’m not that clever in making usernames/domain names, so I just put “miss” because basically I’m a female, and “1995” is my birth year.


I’ll be blogging about my life experiences as a college student, maybe my own photographs (if ever there is a good one), about travels maybe, whatever comes up to my mind but I consider bowdlerizing. And I told myself that I’ll just post selfies occasionally, LOL.