SunStar Cebu feature

My photo that I posted on Instagram was published on the SunStar Cebu newspaper (April 1, 2018 issue).

Even if it’s just a small part in the newspaper, it is so flattering to get acknowledgement for your work/art.


2016 Recap

My 2016 is a year with a lot of First Times. I can’t say that it’s a really special year because I don’t feel that it is a special year, though, it wasn’t that bad.


Nothing much happened at the beggining of the year but I started watching I-Witness documentaries and it became a habit for me to check their GMA News and Public Affairs’ YouTube Channel for more documentaries.


In this month, I auditioned for School Of Humanities’ Hip-Hop Category in Dance Fest and I got in to the first screening. Wow! But…I did not go to the second screening because I was so lazy to go to late night dance practices. HAHA!

But the Drama Fest needed people for the Tech team and my friends who are actors in the play recommended us to be part of the team because we are good at it…nah, just kidding! HAHA! But seriously, it was worth the shot. I was in charge of the lights for the Stand-up Comedy and the One Act Play. Practices were also during after school hours so avoiding the dance practices for the Dance Fest was senseless. Oh well. But I think, being in the Drama Fest team is a lot more fun.

We attended the 10th Pinoy Media Congress in Mother Ignacia, Manila. It was a seminar by ABS-CBN. We saw Director Laurenti Dyogi, Ms. Cory Vidanes, Ketchup Eusebio and a lot more personalities. We got a chance to have a tour in the ABS-CBN station because of our friend’s sister is a field reporter.


Drama Fest practices conitnued. We got a chance to practice it with the lights for the first time, even though there were no final scripts for us yet, and I had to check all the buttons in that machine which I just encountered for the first time in my life. The director just finalized it the night before the actual play. So it was really challenging but it was a really greate experience! We (School of Humanities) bagged almost all of the theatrical awards in the Drama Fest because the actors were great, the story is very deep and very heart melting. The play is named “Ang Karpintero” – one of the best plays I’ve seen (and not beingg biased about it). puSOH! CHAMPION!


In this month, we also started planning a business, the Creative Snap. We also practiced our photography skill in San Juan, La Union with our model, Soraya. I also enhanced my skill in cinematography. My friend said that my shots are telling stories. *Flattered*


We got our first gig. We covered the event of one of the political candidate in Baguio City. We tried to showcase our talent to her but it turned out that we weren’t good enough for her. It was not a really great experience but we learned something from that.


The first day of April, we got our real first client, The Red Rustikz, a newly opened restaurant in Baguio. We started doing their digital advertisements. Brainstorming, shooting and editing. It was an exhausting experience because we were still studying and then we work in between breaks, plus we have a thesis.

I also took the Civil Service exam in this month. I was not really prepared for that exam. I hate that expeirence. HAHA!

During the end of the month, I got really tipsy for the first time in my life. It was after the NMS awards night where my friends have a competing film. They won many awards so we celebrated, of course, in Jollibbe…then in Concoctions. So yeah, the girls drank Vodka and iced tea while the guys drank beers. It was a fun experience, seriously, I’m glad that something like that happened to me during my college days, it would be a memory that would state that my life wasn’t that boring. Oh, I also became friends with one of my crushes and also had a picture with him. Yeah. I have a happy single life – a life full of “just crushes”. HAHAHA!

His mom told me: “Welcome to the family” while I was fooling around while filming their part in the Long Form Branded Content of the Red Rustikz advertisement. HAHAHA! I just went gaga!



We started the Social Media Ad Cmpaign of Red Rustikz. We have to increase their sales by 30%! Of course, we were pressured. We invited all of our friends, acquaintances, classmates and teachers to dine in the restaurant.

I voted for the first time, and I voted for Miriam Defensor Santigo and BongBong Marcos.

Civil Service Exam result went out. I failed.

Went to Pugad Adventures in Pugo La Union with my friends. HOHOL with them. It was actually my first time to swim in a swimming pool after graduating high school. SERIOUSLY! I missed the pool, but the only thing I loathe about resorts is the crowded place, maybe that’s why I did not swim in a water park for a very long time.

My favorite thing about my barkada is the unplanned events. We had a dinner outside the mountains after we had our exam. It was a 2-hour drive from Baguio, and only Ed was the person who let his parents know that we are going to Mapandan just for a dinner…because it’s their home that we were going to invade. HAHA! I told my Ate that I was just in Aurora Hill with my friends. The last few days in college, we jsut spent the after schools with one another. We were making the most out of it. Mixed feelings of happiness, sadness, excitement.

The last night of our college, we had our annual Awards Night. I actually got 5 awards: Best Jingle in Development Communication, 2nd Runner-up Best 10-minute play in Acting and Directing, Best Morning Show in TV Workshop, Best Variety Show in TV Workshop, and Best PR Advocacy Poster in Public Relations. Compared to the previous annual awards night, it was not really fun (sad to say it), and I don’t to elaborate here why. But the After-Party was fun.

We had a few drinks in Red Rustikz where we invited lower class-men and few friends. We just made the best last night as a college student. It was nostalgic.

Oh, few days, before the month ended, Kyle added me on Facebook. *Kilig*


I went back to Baguio because our contract with Red Rustikz was coming to an end and we have to check if we reached the target, and yes, we succeeded in our very first official ad campaign. It was very fulfilling.

Watched The Conjuring 2 with my sister at the eve of my graduation.

I officially graduated college with the course Bachelor of Arts in Communication in Saint Louis University, Baguio City. Then after that…my life just revolved in Korean Dramas and diffferent movies and TV shows, but I also started working out at home. Worked out every day then eventually work-out days were decreasing as I was becoming lazy again. HAHAHA! But still, I managed to keep it going even if it is just once, twice or thrice a week.


I had a derma appointment with Dr. Muncal in Cabanatuan, he saw that I have syringoma – a benign tumor that comes from sweat. And right away I was cauterized. I had spots on my face like dalmatian.


I got obsessed with the Korean Drama, Pinocchio. (I wrote a blog about this). I was so hooked up with it because it reminded me of the course that I finished.

Nothingspecial happened on my 21st birthday.


I watched the 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for like 10 days or less! It was a great show.

I read the book Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and posted it on my Instagram accounts…and Kevin Kwan himself liked my posts. OMG!


In this month, I also tried my luck to get a (working) visa in Canada through the CPNIS (just Google what CPNIS is. Lazy to remember what the meaning is). It was just a free consultation. The consul said I needed to have at least one year work experience to be granted. Oh well!


I filed an application again for the Civil Service Exam in Baguio.

Read the second sequel to the Crazy Rich Asian novel, the China Rich Girlfriend. I can’t wait for the film adaptation and the third book. It was inspiring that it is Kwan’s first published novels and already making a good money from it. Makes me want to pursue the career to be an author.

I got my impacted wisdom tooth extracted in Solano, Nueva Viscaya when we visited my grandmother. It was very painful. The tooth hole still hurts until now.

Miriam Defensor Santiago, my president, died in this month. 😦


Since I can’t make it to my grandma’s 75th birthday, because the celebration was the same day with my Civil Service Exam, I just volunteered to edit and complie the video greetings from my cousins. It turned out that the exam was postponed due to typhoon and it was already too late because I dod not received any notice. Gah!

I passed an application in ABS-CBN through Jobstreet and received an invite right away (after a day). It was fine, but I didn’t make it. Not surprised about it.

Creative Snap had its first debut coverage. It was in Potipot, Zambales. Potipot is so beautiful!


As the year was coming to an end, I’m still not losing hope to have my first job and chase my dreams. I sent my resume and other requirement to Film Development Council of the Philippines and hoping to get the scholarship to the Busan International Film Foundation.

My cousin, Kuya Dino, helped me to get a job interview to an ad agency in Bonifacio Global City I’ve just heard for the first time in my life. Surprisingly, I got the job as the admin assistant. They gave me chance though I don’t have any experience.

Re-took my Civil Service exam in Baguio. It was a lot easier compared to my first take because I reviewed this time and the Math part got lessen. Thank God. HAHA!

Then I moved to Taguig. It was a very sad feeling at first because I got homesick so easily.


I was just feeling lonely in a strange city. It was sad because of homesickness. I cried a lot, seriously. It was mixed emotions. It was difficult. I missed people: friends, family. But I was hthankful I didn’t commit suicide. I’m not that suicidal yet. I’m still alive. Fighting until the year ends.

Oh, I finally passed my Civil Service Exam! That was the best gift from God. I actually lit a candle and prayed for it in Baguio Cathedral.